Our story

UVLD is a group of stage lighting designers who concentrate on-camera presentations – live television, corporate events, and a little theater thrown in to keep to our roots.

We’ve got many years of experience, as our company was first founded in 1994 and is at the forefront of our field.

That being said, given the pandemic, we’ve found our talents a little less, er, in demand than we’d like. So we’re taking our skills and coming into people’s homes to help with their zoom calls, their google meets, etc.

It’s been a great match – we’re thrilled to be able to help, and we’ve assembled some great products to make it easy.


we enjoyed lighting some of the largest web streams in the world. check us out.

Fun factS

happy clients
Emmy Nominations
Emmy Awards
Designers. Lighting Designers.

why choose us

We’ve only been able to do well for all these years by listening first, seeing second and acting third. We listen to our clients. See what they want and what they need. We look at what the camera sees. We manipulate environments and lighting to bring aesthetics to the forefront. Our solutions for camera requirements result in superior images.

We don’t walk away.  There are a million places to buy lights, but we are the best place to buy lighting design.

If this doesn’t work for you we’re happy to take it back. 

Our lights will sit on your desk. We’ve got a product that looks great. Today and tomorrow.


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